International Alliance for Education Accreditation (IAEA) established in 7th Dec, 2016. Through two years communication and development of strategy, we have started to establish an extensive network with strong support from industries and academics.

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Vision and Mission


International Alliance for Education Accreditation (IAEA) aims to be a globally recognized specialists accreditation system and synthesize a comprehensive industrial education platform to build the trust of society of industry specialists.



Our registration system intends to provide a self-administrated online registration system to honor service industry specialists, develop a universal service industry database (digital curriculum vitae), and provide an analytical-based CPD platform to encourage lifelong professional applied learning.

Registration Process

1. Register/Login

2. Select appropriate Industry

3. Fill Personal information


6. Approve / Reject

5. Review application

4. Pay accreditation fee

CPD & Resources

The purpose of the IAEA CPD scheme is to ensure our registered professionals having updated knowledge in their professional areas in addition to broaden their horizons in different areas through the CPD so as to well equip themselves and maintain high service standards of the service in the world.